Asheville Biltmore Gem Mine = "Guaranteed Find Every Time!"



 We dare to be different!  Meaning....

  1. We don't charge extra for "Specialty Buckets"

     ALL buckets are Guaranteed to include: Beryl & Corundum 

     (Emerald or Aquamarine) & (Ruby or Sapphire)
  2. We identify the rocks for you AT the mine, and tell you a little about the rocks.

  3. We provide each miner with a FREE rock ID card to take home.

At Asheville Biltmore Gem Mine, we take great pride in helping to make your mining experience a memory that will stand the test of time.

Western North Carolina

is a MECCA for rock hounds and treasure hunters of all ages love to find the treasures of the earth. The thrill is truly in the finding of your treasure. Anyone can go to the store and purchase a piece of jewelry and wear it.  When you find the raw gemstone, then have it set into a work of art, you will remember the experience and recall fondly the time that you found that gem! Now multiply that by Family and you are making memories that WILL last a lifetime...


Precious Gems

The gemstones we carry are truly precious, but the memories that people take with them from their experience here at the Asheville Biltmore Gem Mine are more precious than any stone. So bring the entire family, and all of your friends, to an adventure that has something for everyone...

At Asheville Biltmore Gem Mine

 everyone is a winner. Owner Holly Drane says, "I never want to see any child walk away empty handed and it's too late to give the child a treasure after the fact." and "The thrill is in finding the treasure yourself."

The experience is a thrill that will live in the heart of a child for a lifetime. As rock hounds, we want to share the experience with as many people as possible. The love of rocks and gemstone (both precious and semiprecious) is a lifelong love that starts with your first find and never ends!

And remember Y.C. VanderMiner says... "Guaranteed Find Every Time!"