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Yes, we have rocks! And a whole lot more...

Our selection has been reported by several rock shop magazines, as "Worth the Trip". Some have even called us the "working man's rock & mineral shop". Well...we are a "Working Rock Shop". We have been known to cut piece for piece (depending on the rock) and slice for slice. We buy, sell, and trade.

We are NOT Know-It-Alls

Our knowledgeable staff is down to earth, If they don't know the answer they will tell you that, and then strive to help you find an answer using the vast resources at our disposal.

No, we are NOT know-it-alls. We have a love of rocks that we love to share. We are rock hounds. We know the basics and love the rocks for what they are.

Sometimes I find the rough pieces and see what they could become. Then I  cut them into the beautiful gemstone available at our shop. If you like the piece I have created... Then I would love to create an heirloom to be passed down in your family for generations!

Each Rock is Truely One-on-a-Kind

We prefer the gems in their natural state... Raw... Rough... Untouched. We are at our best when we are digging through "Mine Ore" and find a gemstone that has never been discovered. Sure we wish they could all be huge and valuable. But for us the value is in finding them. The excitement is in their uniqueness NOT their size! They are all valuable. Some have a higher monetary value and others have a much higher "Uniqueness Value".