Bucket Prices

$10.00 Minor Bucket
$25.00 Miner Bucket
$50.00 Master Miner Bucket
$75.00 Mega-Miner Bucket
$100.00 *** Party @ The Mine ***

The Ashevilel Biltmore Gem Mine provides some of the richest ore in the area. To help you experience the wide diversity of minerals and gems that lie beneath your
feet, we also purchase ore from local mines and beyond. Our “Asheville Biltmore (gem-rich) Mix” will give you fun, memories, knowledge and a…

“Guaranteed Find Every Time!”

Everyone is a winner. The experience is a thrill that will live in the heart of a child for a lifetime. As rock hounds, we want to share the experience with as many people as possible. The love of rocks and gemstone (both precious and semiprecious) is a lifelong love that starts with your first find and never ends!